12 Day Average to Identify the Perfect Candidates for Sunverge

The Company

Sunverge Case Study statsSmart, energy storage startup Sunverge Energy is experiencing tremendous growth.  The San Francisco-based company’s Solar Integration System, is comprised of powerful batteries, power electronics and cloud-based software to capture solar power and delivers it when it’s needed most. With energy storage systems gaining momentum in the marketplace in 2015, Sunverge raced to ramp up its workforce to meet the increased demand.

The Challenge

With several positions to fill within a short window, Sunverge leadership understood they did not have the luxury of time to find the best talent on their own.  Sunverge engaged with Enertech Search Partners for the depth of our energy and cleantech know-how, as well as the breadth of positions we could fill.  The challenge was set to close five positions as quickly as possible, including Director of Product Marketing, Director of Channels and Sourcing Specialist, to name a few.

The Strategy

Knowing quality candidates were in high demand within the solar and energy storage markets, Enertech worked quickly and efficiently to recommend not only the very best candidates available to Sunverge, but also those we thought were most “deliverable.” We did this by learning from the candidates what their underlying career motivations were and assessing the competitive landscape in terms of what other opportunities they might be considering.  Due to the urgency of filling these positions quickly, there was little time to waste on candidates happy in their current roles who might need to be persuaded to consider a new position, or might use an offer from Sunverge as leverage to gain promotions in their current roles.  Trusting that they were seeing the top 5% of the talent market and the best fits for their open positions, Sunverge moved quickly to offer competitive employment packages and close deals with the candidates they knew were excellent cultural and technical matches for the company.

The Results

Over the cross section of positions, Enertech averaged 12 days to identify the candidates Sunverge ultimately decided to hire.  Matching this speed, Sunverge averaged 31 days in making offers and hiring their favorite candidates.  All in all, the two companies worked as true partners to bolster the Sunverge team to take the emerging growth company to the next level of success.

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