A Pulse on the Next Big Market

Know where your sector is headed and how to lead the change

Your Career Ally

You are not just a prospect, you’re our friend. We act as your ally, and trusted adviser, holding your best interests as a top priority.  We work to fully understand what you want in your next role and beyond, to put you on a dream career trajectory. Taking the long view of this industry, we are focused on building lasting relationships, to bring success to our candidate friends, their companies and the industry as a whole.

Tune into the Next Big Market

We aren’t just cleantech generalists. We are energy and sustainability specialists, with a solid understanding the unique drivers of the energy, cleantech and sustainability micro-markets. We’ve been here from the beginning, fostering these markets from fledgling start ups toward commercialization. We know where investors are focusing resources and where consolidations are taking place. With us as your guide, you can make the ideal career shifts early. Join up with Enertech Search to stay ahead of the curve, and at the top of your industry.

Knowing Your Motivation

We live and breathe within these emerging industries and understand the nuances of their distinct cultures. For game changers and evangelists, money isn’t always the primary motivation. There are many other reasons why you choose to work in your sector. Because we work with the range of companies from early stage start-ups to later-stage emerging growth companies, we can lead you towards the risk/reward scenarios that offer you the best opportunities to make your mark on the world.

The Perfect Match

We are matchmakers, not just recruiters. We take the time to get to know you and the companies we represent. By fully understanding company culture, history and leadership personalities, we connect you with organizations where you can thrive. We are experts at DNA matching between candidates and companies, so you know our opportunities are vetted for our unique candidate network. A call from Enertech Search is one seriously worth taking.

Telling It Like It Is

We are not interested in forcing a round peg into a square hole. At Enertech Search, we believe in full transparency. Our goal is not to convince you into considering a higher risk/reward or entrepreneurial opportunity if that’s not what you want. Instead, we work to uncover  candidates who are attracted to the characteristics of the position. With Enertech Search, you get the full background on a company, as wells as our candid assessment of the pros and cons. This context offers you the full picture of what you may face and can hope to achieve in the new role.