Global Recruiting for Energy and Sustainabilty

Top talent discovered and delivered at the speed of light

Efficient Talent Acquisition

In such fast moving industries like energy, smart gird, cleantech and sustainability, we know that time wasted looking for the ideal candidate is lost momentum your company will never recover. That’s why we pride ourselves in discovering and delivering the perfect candidate for your position, often in half the time.

Vetted Interview Candidates

We act as your internal recruiting staff, working directly with the VPs or CEO in your fast growing company. Time is a precious resource, so we vet resumes ahead of time, providing you with the ideal candidates for the interview process. Fewer resumes, with higher follow on interview potential, takes the legwork out of the your search process. With Enertech Search, you fill positions smarter and faster.

Catch the Perfect Candidate at the Perfect Time

Over the years, we’ve become career allies of the best and brightest minds in energy and sustainability. We are so embedded with our curated network of top performers that we understand what motivates them to not only take the interview, but agree to an offer. It’s our business to know which top performers are ready for a move, and those who are not.

Expertise in Energy’s Micro-Markets

We only represent the most dynamic and growth-oriented companies in a handful of emerging segments within the broader categories of smart grid, energy efficiency, sustainable business and more. By working within specific micro-markets, we maximize our deep alliances with the top preforming talent in each sector.

DNA Matchmakers

For companies and ‘A’ players, personality synergy is critical to long term success. At Enertech Search, we take special care to put forward candidates that are a good fit with existing employees and company cultures. In energy and sustainability, available talent is heavily fought for, so we keep our pulse on top candidates in these sectors and coach you on how to demonstrate to prospects how they can achieve their dream careers by joining your team.