Staffing the Revolution
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Minds in Energy

Our highly specialized talent acquisition services makes us trusted advisors to executives in fast growing and disruptive clean energy markets all over the world.
Find Clean Energy’s Top Revenue Generators at the Speed of Light
Our radar is fine tuned to know exactly who to contact and how to bring them to the table for a win-win.
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We are invested in bringing you your next big win.
Top talent discovered & delivered

We know how to find the ideal candidate for any position, no matter how specialized the criteria, and we know who is ready for a career move.

Allied with the Brightest Minds

We keep a pulse on the career goals of the energy sector’s top tier talent. We are their allies in finding the next big company in a fast moving market.

New Energy Technology Specialists

Companies stay talent-competitive with our deep industry knowledge of energy and sustainability and our cutting edge recruiting technology.

  • “Enertech Search Partners was invaluable to our ability to securing the absolute highest qualified person in the smart grid industry for our Chief Commercial Officer position.  The deep industry expertise and strong candidate networking Enertech Search has built allowed them to know exactly who we should hire and how to make Varentec attractive to this ‘A player.’  Enertech Search is our true partner in recruiting and we look forward to working with them again soon.”

    Guillaume Dufossé
    Guillaume DufosséVarentec, Chairman and CEO
  • “Enertech Search is a fantastic asset to Sunverge. Each time we have a new position to fill, they know exactly which candidates are perfect for the role.  On top of that, they know who’s ready and willing to work with a new company, and how to move deals along swiftly. With Enertech, positions are not open long, and we never miss a beat.”

    Kenneth Munson
    Kenneth MunsonSunverge, President and CEO
  • Enertech Search Partners is a true matchmaker. Four years ago, Paige took the time to understand my experience and career ambitions. This year she spotted the perfect company for my experience and skills and worked diligently to fine tune the role of a Chief Commercial Officer with my skillsets, knowing it was the best thing for both the company’s goals and my own. Enertech Search is a team dedicated to finding the right fit for both companies and professionals and I am proud to be associated with them.

    Mehrdod Mohseni, P.E.
    Mehrdod Mohseni, P.E.Chief Commercial Officer
  • "Enertech Search has quickly become a trusted partner, taking the time to really understand our business, and then able to provide us with the high quality talent we need on a timely basis."

    Warren Fisher
    Warren FisherChief Executive Officer at Scan-Optics, LLC
  • “Enertech Search has successfully filled several critical positions that had been open for nearly a year. We worked with several recruiters on this search unsuccessfully, but Enertech Search quickly identified several candidates with a unique blend of skill sets, which were difficult to access simply screening resumes.”

    Jubin Pejman
    Jubin PejmanManaging Director at FCM360
  • “It gives me great pleasure to recommend Enertech Search Partners to anyone requiring superior expertise with their executive recruiting needs. Paige is a consummate professional with an uncanny ability to identify her customers' needs, that is only matched by her tireless work ethic.”

    Ron Aube
    Ron AubeManaging Partner at LabSource Group



We live and breathe energy’s growing industries. We understand the nuances of its micro-industries and what motivates its people in their careers.


We don’t stop at matching candidate skills with positions. We dig deep to understand personality and cultural preferences on both sides to ensure our matches will thrive for the long term.


The career goals and life aspirations held by revenue generators in our curated network  are always on our radar. Candidates know an opportunity brought by Enertech Search is an opening worth seriously considering.


‘A’ players respect being acquainted with the challenges. At Enertech Search, we tell it like it is to help companies to offer compelling positions and prepare candidates to thrive in their new role.


With a speciality in sales, marketing, business development and C-Suite searches, we keep our eye on the top revenue generators in energy and sustainability. A search with us maximizes your ability to capture market share.


We are a true partner in your search. No retainers for us and no stacks of resumes for you. With Enertech Search, you get fast, efficient recruiting and a short list of the most talented and deliverable candidates.


We are plugged into the brightest minds in energy and sustainability around the world.